This amazing print straight from the archives features authentic and original declassified OSS manuals featuring detailed guidance on its famed Maritime Unit and various covert underwater demolition and infiltration.

Swimmers, especially trained in the use of underwater equipment and techniques. attack enemy shipping and port installations. Ferried close to their objectives in a small boat or raft, they swim under water, carrying an explosive charge. Either Limpets or standard waterproofed demolition charges are used for attacks on the hulls of enemy vessels. Fixing the charge to the target. the operative returns unobserved under water to the ferrying craft. The charge is detonated by a time delay. Expert underwater swimmers also perform offshore hydrographic reconnaissance.

This is a perfect print for any room and expertly finished with a smooth, white mat board. It’s printed on a quality matte paper and framed with a semi-hardwood alder frame.

• Alder, semi-hardwood frame
• Acrylite front protector
• White mat board
• Hanging hardware included
• 21×30cm posters are size A4

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